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How does a Pitch A Fête™ tipi rental work?  

Let’s keep it simple… we help you pitch great parties.  We specialize in renting tipis, inflatable sleeping pads with themed covers, decorative pillows, bed tables, lanterns and garland that allow you to set up a quick party in the comfort of your own space.  D-I-Y mums and event planners love us equally because we provide the bones for a great party, and, if party planning inspires you, you are encouraged to add your very own special personal touches to the set-up and design.  When your party is over, package up the Fête Crate™ packages and return them to us for laundering and storage. 


What is included in each Fête Crate™ package?

Each Fête Crate™ package is prepared cupcake style (individually packaged) and includes: 1) a neutral colored tipi, 2) a cozy inflatable sleeping mat paired with a matching sheet, 3) decorative, themed throw pillows, 4) a tray for the foot of each sleeper (or attendee), 5) a chic-battery-operated-lantern and 6) themed accessories.*

*Sleeping pillows and additional linens are not provided for hygiene purposes.


Does Pitch A Fête™ sell gift cards? 

Yes, click here!


What payment is required?

Upon acceptance, by Pitch A Fête™, of your celebration date (“Fête Date”), payment is required to secure the Fête Date and theme.  

I need more than 10 Fête Crate™ packages.  Can I order more?

We are a bespoke event rental company which means we pride our ability to work with you to meet your needs.  Just send us a quick message and ​Let's Talk!


I am a planner and love to mind the smallest details of an event.  I would like to set up the party in advance.  Is that an additional cost?

You are in luck, our team relates to you!  Pitch A Fête™ works closely with each client to ensure that all needs are met.  For example, if you book a party for a Saturday, we will use our best efforts to make sure that your Fête Crate™ packages will arrive two (2) days in advance.  That will allow ample time for you to set up, mind the details and pitch a magical and memorable fete!  


My kids love the tipis so much that we are not ready to return the Fête Crate™ packages yet.  How do I secure additional nights?

Additional nights are available for $100 per night.

How much space do I need?

Each Fête Crate™ tipi measures approximately:






The inflatable sleeping pads are approximately 78” in length and 25” wide.  The inflatable sleeping pads are partially inserted into the tipi meaning that about 35 inches remains outside of the tipi.  That means that you need about 152 square inches per tipi.  (Tip: The Fête Crate™ packages do not take up as much space as you may think, send us a photo of your space and we will be able to help you determine if they will fit!  You may arrange your tipis in various configurations.


Is it just for kids?

Absolutely not.  Pitch A Fête™ was intentionally designed to cater to little people and big folks.  While unslumber parties are a hit with toddlers (and mums), teens love the unique tipi set up options.  In addition, chic and fun bespoke design offers matchless bachelorette/hen parties.


How are the Fête Crate™ packages laundered?  What measures are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Sleeping pad covers and decorative pillows are laundered by a local laundry service.  Inflatable sleeping pads and styling items are disinfected and spot cleaned using disinfectant wipes and/or spray.  Tipi covers are steamed after each celebration and before packaging. After the sanitation process, covers and decorative pillows are placed in sealed packages until the next celebration!


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or change dates you must notify Pitch A Fête™ in writing at least 21 days prior to your event.  A change of your Fête Date will be based on availability of the newly preferred date.  No refunds are granted for cancellations within 21 days of your Fête Date. 


Can I set up the Fête Crate™ packages outside?
Fête Crate™ packages are designed for indoor use only.

Does Pitch A Fête™ offer full service set up?

Yes, we would be happy to help you with your party set-up for an additional fee.

What if my Fête Crate™ package is not returned within the specified time frame?

In the event that each Fête Crate™ package is not returned within the specified time frame, you will be charged a $75 fee each calendar day until the return is received by Pitch A Fête™.  If the Company does not receive a tracking number, from the client, for the return within seven (7) days from the date for which the return was due, the client shall be charged 200% of the retail value of each Fête Crate™ package replacement ("Replacement Fee").  Said Replacement Fee will be automatically charged to the credit card provided, by the client, to the Company to pay the deposit at booking.  In the event that the Replacement Fee cannot be processed, an additional penalty fee of $100 per day, in addition to the Replacement Fee, shall accrue on the client's account and the Company may elect to commence legal action for which the client agrees to pay all attorneys' fees and costs.

Our celebration got a bit rowdy... and the Fête Crate™ package(s) is/are damaged. What do I do? 

Party people understand other party people, so we do expect normal wear and tear on our Fête Crate™ packages.  Broken tents, missing items, ripped fabric, damaged sleeping pads and the like will cause our client to incur the Replacement Fee for each Fête Crate™ package(s) which is/are returned damaged.  It is imperative that each client repackage the items in the same way that they were shipped and/or delivered to you. This includes securely taping the boxes for each return.  Failure to comply will result in the client being charged and paying the Replacement Fee.  If your items are damaged during shipping transit, please submit a claim with the mail carrier. 

How long does it take to set up each Fête Crate™?

A Fête Crate™ consists of: 1 tipi, 1 inflatable sleeping pad, a themed sleeping pad cover, decorative pillow, 1 bed tray, 1 lantern and various themed accessories to enhance the theme.  It takes approximately 5 minutes to set up each Fête Crate™.


How do I book?
Click here!  Once you submit your booking form, our team will confirm your booking via email. We recommend booking at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure availability.


Can I Pitch A Fête™ from any location in the United States of America?

In short, YES, you can Pitch A Fête™ from nearly any location in the USA.  The Company prides itself on being an event rental business which provides access to custom curated Fête Crate™ packages, enhanced by add-on embellishments from its FêteFrills™ collection and topped off with sale items from Ready.Fete.Go boutique which have been specifically designed to be shipped nationally.


My little loved the fete, can I buy a tipi to keep?
Pitch A Fête™ does provide custom, keepsake tipis for purchase.  Please contact us for more information.


I've got a question not listed.
No problem! Let’s Talk and our team will be happy to answer your questions.  You may also reach us via telephone at 724.453.4170.

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