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The Greatest Show, A Circus Birthday!

Bespoke Experiences for Curious Kids

We know a thing or two about creating magical moments that last a lifetime.

We believe that there's nothing more important than making lifelong memories with your kids, and we're here to make it happen in the most inspiring, lavish, and memorable way possible.

Passport to Paris

Design x PAF

Pre-designed printables, personalized party supplies, full scale day-of coordination, and everything you need.
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Looking for printable activities and decorations, themed party supplies, or kid's party activities that couple as favors? 
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Meri Meri Shark Party Supplies
Shark Party Invitation

Hotels x PAF

In-room, customizable, out-of-this-world tent experiences that transform hotel rooms into the ultimate destination. 
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A Dose of Magic at Your Doorstep

Get our Build a Teddy-Bear Kits delivered right to your door for endless fun!
Farm AnimalsSea Animals, Dogs and Cats

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