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Dive into Fun: Shark Week 2023 Printable Activities for Kids

BONJOUR, young ocean adventurers! It's that time of the year again when the waters come alive with excitement and wonder—it's Shark Week! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with incredible facts, jaw-dropping encounters, and, of course, some fin-tastic printable activities that will make your Shark Week experience even more memorable. So put on your scuba gear (or your craft apron!) and let's dive right in!


Invitations with Bite

To ensure your shiver (that's what you call a group of sharks) doesn't miss out on the excitement, send out our jaw-dropping invitations that will leave them eager to join your underwater celebration. Printable shark-themed invitations are readily available and can be customized with all the essential party details. We hope you enjoy our playful touches in our thoughtfully curated designs and encourage you to add your own puns like "Dive on in!" and "Join our shiver for a fintastic time!"

Delivery Ideas

Concierge desks, guest experience teams and kids' clubs can easily add the details of their upcoming celebrations and serve up physical "invitations" to guests, big and small, as they check-in to the hotel and resort. The instant anticipation of a well-themed get together will make your guests wild with excitement.

Fun-filled Printable Activities

Keep the energy levels high by incorporating engaging activities that will entertain your guests throughout the deep-sea affair. The Pitch A Fête printable Shark i-Spy activity printable can keep the little ones entertained, while a shark photo booth and DIY shark tooth necklace craft can engage guests of all ages. Encourage friendly competition with the Pitch A Fête Pin the Fin on the Shark game; the winner is sure to love the Pitch A Fête Shark Repellent bubble wrapper printable. The possibilities are endless when it comes to shark-inspired activities as is the awareness that you can spread about sharks!

Let's dive into some of our favorite printable activities below.

Ocean Treasures: DIY Shark Tooth Necklace Printable Craft.

Simply download our Shark Tooth Necklace Printable, gather a few supplies listed on the printable (paper, yarn, scissors and a hole puncher) and plunge into a break from the heat. Cut out the shark teeth, decorate if you wish, add some holes and string onto the yarn! Adult supervision is highly recommended, for our smallest adventurers, when using scissors.

Shark I-Spy

I spy with my little eye is the game that keeps on giving! What road trip, rainy afternoon or fun affair hasn't been coupled with a quick game of I-Spy? Our whimsy Shark I-Spy printable is sure to offer a fin-tastic competition amongst a shiver of friends or a quiet activity when rest is on the menu.

Shark I-Spy Game with various species of sharks to spy and count

If you're making treat bags, favor boxes or just need to fill a basket with cost effective giveaways, grab some bubbles, and print, wrap and tape our Shark Repellent bubble wrappers for a quick but on-theme gift.

Feeding Frenzy Fun: Shark Week Printable Popcorn Holder

Shark Week fun is sure to cause a feeding frenzy at your establishment or venue. These adorable Shark Fin Printable Popcorn Holders couple crafting and snacking. Print out as many printables as you need and let the kids work for their treats (just like the sharks do)! While they're cutting and taping, set up a delicious popcorn bar with a classic tabletop popcorn maker and every topping imaginable.

Shark-tastic Tablescapes

The centerpiece of any gathering is often the food table, and a shark-themed celebration is no exception. Create a jaw-dropping tablescape with shark-inspired tablecloths, plates, and cups that will leave your guests in awe. Printable decorations, such as our shark fin cupcake toppers or water bottle labels with clever ocean themed names, will add an extra touch of creativity and enhance the overall theme of your affair. Don't forget to serve shark-shaped snacks like sandwiches or cookies to keep the shark frenzy going! Visit our friends at Bonjour Fete for all of your boutique party supplies.

Shark Week 2023 is here, and with these fin-tastic printables, you can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary shark-themed extravaganza, and you can dive into a world of creativity and learning about these incredible creatures of the deep. From inviting your friends to join your shiver to decorating your space with captivating underwater elements, every detail will add to the excitement and leave your guests with unforgettable memories and thinking about their return visit with you! So, let's dive into the world of shark party printables and create an affair that will make a splash for all guests involved!

Remember, sharks are fascinating creatures, and by celebrating them during Shark Week and throughout the year, we can learn to appreciate and protect our magnificent oceans even more. Happy crafting and enjoy exploring the wonders of the deep blue sea!

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