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Fridays are for F words.

There's no denying it, we like F words - a lot! F words are fitting when we chat about our favorite activity. I'm sure you know what we're talking about (wink nudge), a good old fashioned.... fête! Note to reader: If your mind was anywhere but party talk, I encourage you to grab a sweet treat, perhaps pairing it with a heavy-handed pour of Chardonnay, and unwind from what must have been an excruciating week.

Fête (French for celebration) is the crux of Pitch A Fête's existence. In our world, every day is worth celebrating and we govern ourselves accordingly. A proper celebration requires all the F words but the most pivotal is [fun]ctional. Functional parties are gentle on the eyes and your wallet all the while offering practical, purposeful fun for your cutest guests. Functional design, in a variety of forms, is the foundation for which our company was built upon and continues to grow.

In today's world, there's so much pressure on moms to check all of the boxes of motherhood and rise to the occasion with grace, exquisite Botox, and absolutely no visible cellulite. Planning well rounded weekly grocery lists complete with items to whip up nourishing lunches filled with organic vegetables (cut by adorable tiny cookie cutters, which are arranged in an ever so perfect floral spray, displaying dainty rows of rainbow-colored goodies you've selected for your child's lunch) to peppering in philanthropic ventures, homework assignments, appropriate amounts of screen time, piano lessons, folding crisp military corners on the newest Pottery Barn Kids cotton blend seasonal bedsheets and the rearing of (at the very least) bi-lingual children, while taking on the role of homeroom mom, social coordinator, psychologist, professional uber driver for those 16 and under, all while still attempting to maintain your personal emotional and physical fitness, career trajectory and a semi-reasonable personal life have become the bare minimum expectation.

Early into motherhood, the aforesaid impending expectations hove into view, and it was palpable that they'd only ripen with time. As a pragmatic woman, I knew there was no overarching solution but a resounding demand to bridge the gap by curating a new supply for the demand of motherhood and supporting other mothers to forge their own less-constricting parameters. Pitch A Fête was born from the love of creating magical occasions and meeting the needs of moms, wherever she may be on her personal journey.

While we have grown and matured since our inception in 2019, our famous tipi rentals continue to be rented and shipped around the nation for celebrations of all shapes, sizes and sorts. The tipis appear on your doorstep and include all of the ingredients for a tasteful slumber party, movie night, photo op backdrop or colorful play date. Celebration set up and clean up should always be minimal, well planned and easily communicated. Every theme has been designed with function at the forefront, and that remains the company's top priority. Along with photo instruction set up cards, each tipi theme includes pretend play items to keep your guests entertained and their creative juices flowing. For example, our Doomsday Halloween tipi rental includes plenty of ghoulish accessories such as bat wings, masks, witch hats and recommended Halloween movie suggestions organized by the Motion Picture Association Film Rating System from G to R.

Our DIY rental movement boom has enabled our patron mamas the opportunity to provide the Instagram worthy experience at a quarter of the price of ownership or professional design services. In fact, our functional design concepts often complement professional design services and free up other areas of an event budget.

While our tipi designs are gorgeous in their standalone form, we've heard your calls and have continued to create complimentary lines of keepsake activities, such as our Petit Maker Parties, that are "on theme" while offering customizable arts and crafts, which double as decor and favors, for the kids to partake in. Whether we ship to you or host in-person, our kits come with everything you need for a dazzling, [fun]ctional celebration at home or at school. Our perspective is simple: Life goes further when function meets design. When rentals, favors, stationery and activities serve as decor, there is less waste and substantially more to share.

Steve Jobs said it best, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works," and we strive to make celebrations work best for you!


On this fall Friday, FUNCTION + FREE COLLIDE. As a small expression of gratitude for your never wavering support (and ever-present sense of humor), we're lightening the load and giving you our FREE Halloween fête guide from Petit Maker Academy (Petit Maker Academy is a service scaled specifically for classroom parties. We prepare supplies for 24 and ship it all to you with instructions) for your next (Homeroom) Mom event.


BOO! This is so easy, it's scary. This free Halloween Printable will keep the kids engaged while allowing them to spread spooky cheer to friends in their neighborhood. Visit our website to download. Simply download, print and add sweet treats, bubbles or spider rings to complete your friendly BOO! Pick up a few inexpensive cauldrons and fill them with a variety of "tricks and treats" for the kids to build their own treat bags to distribute. I love to combine allergy friendly snacks, sticker sheets, mini Play-doh and stylish Halloween slap bracelets with traditional treats to accommodate the masses. Combining a fun activity while reminding them of goodwill to others just checked two items from your to-do list, Mama.


Individually packaged items will never cease to excite me. Staying on trend, these adorable spider web gable boxes house adorable small ceramic pumpkin banks, which we stock for Petit Maker Arts + Crafts Parties, and are finished off with Colorations Classic Wooden Chubby Paint Brushes and paint pots filled with seasonal colors of black, orange, green, purple and pink. Each child receives a kit and disposable apron as to not ruin their costumes before Trick-or-Treat even begins!