Pitch A Fête?

what is

Each Fête Crate™ package is prepared cupcake style (individually packaged) and includes: 1) a neutral colored tipi, 2) a cozy inflatable sleeping mat paired with a matching sheet, 3) decorative, themed throw pillows, 4) a tray for the foot of each sleeper (or attendee), 5) a chic-battery-operated-lantern and 6) themed accessories.*

*Sleeping pillows and additional linens are not provided for hygiene purposes.

the details

Pitch A Fête™ ("Fête" is French for Party) fuses traditional  do-it-yourself celebrations with bespoke, modern day luxury.  The company specializes in imagining, curating and shipping to you your desired amount of Fête Crate™ packages which contain luxe, bespoke themed party teepees and themed items for birthday celebrations, slumber parties, sleepunder or un-slumber parties, bachelorette parties, movie nights, or baby and toddler play nooks at weddings. At the conclusion of your celebration, re-package your Fête Crate™, affix the provided mailing label and return the supplies to us.  The company launders and maintains all of the supplies until the next client is ready to Pitch A Fête™!

Beyond tipi rentals for your fêtes, you can head to our Ready.Fête.Go Shoppe to purchase party supplies at any time! We offer a wide variety of decorations, tableware, and more.

how it works?

Pitch A Fete™ wants guests, little and big, to experience the joy of a nostalgic teepee fête!  Planning your celebration is just a few easy steps away…

Do you have an idea for a theme that is not listed as a pre-designed theme?  Let us know!  Fête Crate™ Bespoke requires an initial minimum investment of a design fee in addition to the Fête Crate™ packages selected.  Fête Crate™ Bespoke full event design is available for a service fee minimum, in addition to any vendor costs and a 20% vendor management fee.  

Pitch A Fête

The Company is based in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., and is specifically designed to ship Fête Crate™ packages locally and nationally.  In addition, the company offers gift cards so that you may share the gift of celebration with those you cherish.  Pitch A Fête™ works with event planners, D-I-Y moms, hotels and various other visionaries.  We look forward to learning more about your vision to Pitch A Fête™!






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