Pitch A Fête™ ("Fête" is French for Party) fuses traditional  do-it-yourself celebrations with bespoke, modern day luxury.  The company specializes in imagining, curating and shipping to you your desired amount of Fête Crate™ packages which contain luxe, bespoke themed party teepees and themed items for birthday celebrations, slumber parties, sleepunder or un-slumber parties, bachelorette parties, movie nights, or baby and toddler play nooks at weddings. At the conclusion of your celebration, re-package your Fête Crate™, affix the provided mailing label and return the supplies to us.  The company launders and maintains all of the supplies until the next client is ready to Pitch A Fête™!

Pitch A Fête™

Each Fête Crate™ package is prepared cupcake style (individually packaged) and includes: 1) a neutral colored tipi, 2) a cozy sleeping mat paired with a matching sheet, 3) a decorative, themed throw pillow, 4) a tray for the foot of each sleeper (or attendee), 5) themed decorative garland, and 6) a chic-battery-operated-lantern. 

What else do we offer?

Pitch A Fête™ offers products from its FêteFrills™ collection as additional enhancements to be rented and/or purchased for each celebration. Just imagine, your littlest party animal can adventure on a safari while wearing an authentic tactical safari vest and pith helmet with binoculars in tow. Perhaps an African elephant or enormous hippopotamus will be spotted, and, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you may hear lions roaring just off in the distance!  For those who enjoy water a bit more than sand, take a trip under the sea and invite your favorite mermaid to greet your guests in our inflatable clam shell followed by a bubbly time where each guest paints their own keepsake treasure chest!

Pitch A Fête™

If you prefer to have a theme designed for you to Pitch A Fête™, we proudly offer Fête Crate™ Bespoke as a concierge service that provides for the innovation of bespoke event themes.  Do you have an idea for a theme that is not listed as a pre-designed theme?  Let us know!  Fête Crate™ Bespoke requires an initial minimum investment of a design fee in addition to the Fête Crate™ packages selected.  Fête Crate™ Bespoke full event design is available for a service fee minimum, in addition to any vendor costs and a 20% vendor management fee.  

How it works?

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Pitch A Fete™ wants guests, little and big, to experience the joy of a nostalgic teepee fête!  Planning your celebration is just a few easy steps away…

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Pitch A Fête™ 

The Company is based in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., and is specifically designed to ship Fête Crate™ packages locally and nationally.  In addition, the company offers gift cards so that you may share the gift of celebration with those you cherish.  Pitch A Fête™ works with event planners, D-I-Y moms, hotels and various other visionaries.  We look forward to learning more about your vision to Pitch A Fête™!  






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