Themed Party Supplies
Pitch A Fete- Themed Party Supplies

Pitch A Fête™ believes that life is a transformative adventure based upon perspective, and creativity, imagination, passion and confidence is the perfect formula for folks to reach their full potential.  We believe that encouraging children to see the world through the eyes of others will make for a better tomorrow.  We believe that standing up for what you believe in makes you brave.  We believe that optimism is magical.  We believe that every child, small or tall, deserves to be inspired and experience celebration of their most special days.  We believe that teenage sleepovers should be memorable and nostalgic.  We believe that family movie nights are equally as special as holiday gatherings.  We believe in teaching children to manifest their own destiny. We believe that making eternal memories in life far surpass the fulfillment enjoined to temporary happiness. We believe that where there is joy, there is love.

The woman behind the vision is just a mum showing her daughter how to make her dreams a reality, and hoping to encourage others while on this incredible journey!


The Company is based in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., and is specifically designed to ship locally and nationally.  In addition, the company offers gift cards so that you may share the gift of celebration with those you cherish.  Pitch A Fête™ works with event planners, D-I-Y moms, hotels and various other visionaries.  We look forward to learning more about your vision to Pitch A Fête™!