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BONJOUR! Welcome to Pitch A Fête, children’s party + play boutique. Fête is French for celebration because, in our world, every day is worth celebrating. Think of us as your best friend in planning creative alternative play and exploration! We plan and design bespoke teepee kits, custom crafts, DIYS, and activities to create magical childhood memories that last a lifetime. We are where adventure begins and imagination is endless.

Our key ingredients? Creativity, education, imagination, and a sprinkle of magic. We’re devoted to giving you creative ideas and screen time alternatives. We take children on a unique journey with every Pitch A Fête theme. Whether they’re headed to a safari, playing superheroes for a weekend, or celebrating a Sweet Sixteen, we have numerous themes to choose from, or you can completely customize a theme of your choice!

Pair a teepee celebration with a party bundle from the party supply shop, favors from our play place and top it off with a few of your own DIY extras. Create a next level playdate with pretend play or let us craft a rainy day creation to keep growing minds entertained. Let us help you plan your childhood adventures so you can capture all the moments.



The Company is based in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., and is specifically designed to ship locally and nationally.  In addition, the company offers gift cards so that you may share the gift of celebration with those you cherish.  Pitch A Fête™ works with event planners, D-I-Y moms, hotels and various other visionaries.  We look forward to learning more about your vision to Pitch A Fête™!

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